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Meet The Team

As the Porto-Pies "Mad Pie-entist”, Matt spent years testing and perfecting his pies, and was struck by the idea of slinging good food to good people at parks and outdoor venues across the city. Porto-Pies continues to uphold this vision and aims to sweeten up your time with friends and family as you explore the community! Matt takes the lead on baking, pie R&D and big picture, strategic planning.  You can spot him wearing Hawaiian shirts and eating Key Lime Pie pretty much year-round.

Sous Chef Hana grew up in her Italian-American mother’s kitchen and grandparents' bakery, chopping vegetables, rolling out dough and sneaking bites of buttercream frosting. Sharing Matt’s love of the outdoors, Hana enjoys spending her afternoons in Seattle’s best parks, serving the best pies around! Hana takes the lead on marketing, community engagement and baking too! You can find her occasionally sneaking a bite of pie… who doesn’t love a chef’s treat?

our story

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 2.55.14 PM.png

Porto-Pies was a "pie"-pe dream of Matt's that's been in the making for several years. Matt knew he could make a mean key lime pie, but as an avid park-goer and a bit of a nomad, he sought out something that was more portable... something that could be handheld and eaten on-the-go. After a few years of trial and error, Matt felt he had struck gold with his eclair-shaped pie bars. Matt and Hana took a small cooler of pies and a cardboard sign out to the park. Dishing out pies sparked a newfound passion for sharing their creation with other local park-goers. 

 What started out as a hobby to share pies in the park grew into a surprising fulfilling experience where they got to directly engage with the community. Now they are more excited than ever to be serving great pies to the Seattle community and beyond!

our why

We love to make (and eat!) our portable pies but above all, truly love serving the community! We moved to Seattle in 2021 from the East Coast and the pie business has been our way of connecting with and learning about the community. Sharing a little slice of sunshine and good vibes to our customers is what keeps us going every day!

- Matt & Hana

Co-founders of Porto-Pies

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